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Welcome to Maryland Genealogy Resources.

Within the past few years, and particularly with the advent of genealogy sites on the Internet, the interest in researching family trees has mushroomed. If you are just beginning, we will help you get started, and provide useful hints along the way. If you are a seasoned researcher, we will provide you with sources throughout the state of Maryland. Although we primarily focus on resources in Maryland, many of the hints will be useful to those in other states as well.

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Maryland Genealogy (dot com) Resources will become your guide to genealogical research in Maryland. There are many places of historic interest throughout Maryland. Being one of our thirteen original colonies, Maryland is rich in history and contains many locations for family research. It is also a great place to vacation while you are researching your family tree.

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nurtured by the roots of our past.

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Board Descendants

A new book entitled “The Boards of Bedford” is now available that traces the history of the earliest branch of the Board family in America. The book has been published in a limited edition. The book is perfect as a keepsake; it is the most comprehensive compilation of data on this family yet produced.

The first book, “The Board Family Chronicle: from Maryland to Bedford County, Virginia,” written and published by Isabelle Board Obert in 1997, contained important legal records of John and Jemima Board in Maryland, and those of their ancestors, the Meads, Longs, and Peaks.

This book is a continuation of that book. It begins with John Board’s history in Maryland, following John and Jemima and their descendants for approximately three generations. Many members of this family seem to have enjoyed good health and extremely long longevity-John Board lived to be almost 81 years old at a time when few survived a 40th birthday. His eldest son James lived to be 86 years old. The family appears to have been imbued with the self-confidence that allowed them to pick up roots late in life and move to virgin lands in the wilderness-where they built new homes, established plantations, and became valuable members of their communities. Many members of the family became prominent in the areas where they settled.

The book contains about 360 pages of text and pictures and an18 page index. The book is extremely well documented, containing exact references to marriage, death, and land transactions, and other legal documents, from libraries and archives around the country.

At this time the book is produced in a spiral-bound soft cover. If there are enough requests, it could be produced in hardcover at additional cost. The cost is $60 for the book plus $5.00 to ship each book in a protective mailer. To obtain your copies of these limited edition books, please contact Ms. Obert via email:: board-obert[[at]]verizon[dot]net

Genealogy Defined

Genealogy is the study of family history and lineage. In its most basic form, it is the collection of birth, marriage, and death information about your direct-line ancestors, such as parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. In a broader form, it is the collection of all available data about these individuals--and possibly even their siblings--during their time on earth, to include land records, wills and probate records, newspaper articles, diaries, letters, pictures, and anything else you can find. It can lead to the discovery of relatives you did not know you have, or to the possible publication of a comprehensive family history. You are limited only by your interest in researching your family and the time you have available to devote to your quest.

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