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Isabelle Board-Obert, Author, Researcher, Editor, Aunt Belle

A former professional research specialist and editor who worked in Washington, D. C. for many years, Isabelle has been interested in her family history for most of her life. She became actively involved in genealogy in the mid-1990s, when she began researching the Board family. She has taken a number of courses and attended conferences sponsored by the Maryland State Archives and the Virginia Genealogical Society. She has researched in genealogical and historical societies, Maryland and Virginia archives, as well as courthouses in Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky. Her interest culminated in the publication of a book entitled "The Board Family Chronicle: From Maryland to Bedford County, Virginia" in 1997, for which she was awarded a prize by the Maryland Historical Society. She subsequently published a second book in 1999 entitled "The Allen Family of Albemarle and Fluvanna." Isabelle is a member of the Maryland Genealogical Society, the Virginia Genealogical Society, and the Baltimore County Genealogical Society. She is also a volunteer at the Maryland Historical Society Library.

Isabelle's goal is to try to help others get started on their own research by summarizing, on this website, many items that she has learned over the years through formal courses and independent research.

Bill Swartwout, Webmaster

Bill is a professional teacher and technology coordinator for the Baltimore City Public School System who has been interested in computers since the first Commodore computers became available many years ago. He has taken a number of formal courses on website design and has even taught the subject for the University of Maryland. His interest in computers has grown into an ever-expanding hobby and a second career. He is now the webmaster of a number of websites, to include SouthBaltimore.com, OCtheBeach.com, OC-USA.com, GoGolfVacations.com, as well as this one.

The reason Bill supports Isabelle's genealogical interests is because he is married to her sister, Nancy. There was just a little arm-twisting that went on, too.


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