The Allen Family

of Virginia

There were many Allen families in Colonial Virginia, and the information on this page concerns just one of them. The progenitor of this family, William Allen, is found as early as 1746 in Albemarle County, where he purchased 50 acres of land. His parents and origin have not yet been determined.

It is important to understand the sequence in which Virginia counties were created in order to follow the trail of this family. Henrico, one of the earliest counties, was formed in 1634; Goochland was formed from a part of Henrico in 1728; Albemarle was formed from a part of Goochland in 1744; and Fluvanna was formed from a part of Albemarle in 1777. Descendants of this William Allen show up in all of these counties.

In 1746, John Robinson, Senior, a blacksmith of the County and Parish of Henrico, sold 50 acres of land in Henrico Parish to William Allen of Henrico, for 15 pounds. The land previously had been sold by a James and Anne Conaway to John Robinson. This deed was recorded the 1st Monday in September 1746. (A Thomas Conway patented 400 acres in the area in 1731)

William Allen received a grant for 170 acres of land in Albemarle County on 1 March 1755. The land was described as being on the north side of the Rivanna river on both sides of Horseley's Creek. The land bordered on "William Allen's old line" and on the land of Giles Allegre; this indicates that William already owned land in the area. William's sons Robert and Richard sign deeds regarding 220 acres of land on both sides of Horseley's creek in the 1780s; William Allen's 50 acre purchase plus the 170 acre land grant total 220 acres. By 1783, the land was in Fluvanna County.

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The information on this page is preliminary in nature; I am still trying to research this family, to include early records and descendants. If anyone has any information that they would like to contribute on the family, please contact Isabelle Board Obert.

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