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This section summarizes known information about a number of early Maryland families. It also includes lineage charts for these families listing descendants for a number of generations. If you have similar information that you would like to share about families that settled in Maryland, we invite you to send the charts to us with a brief paragraph detailing the history. Our stipulations are that you only send information that you have documented; and that you do not include any information on people still living because of privacy issues. If you have a website, send the address so we can link to your site. (email: Isabelle@MDGenealogy.com)

Allen Family - William Allen was in Albemarle County, Virginia by at least 1755. Descendants Daniel W. and Robert S. Allen migrated to Maryland in the 1870s and settled in the Hampden area of what is now Baltimore City. Robert and his son John Edward Allen were both engineers with the B&O Railroad.

Board Family - The birth of the progenitor of this family, John Board, was recorded in St. Margaret's Parish, Anne Arundel County, in 1706. He married Jemima Henderson in Old St. Paul's Parish in 1733, and moved to Lunenburg County, Virginia, in 1746/47. From there his descendants migrated into other Virginia counties before moving into Kentucky and beyond.

Bone Family - This family was first identified in Cumberland, England, in the 1790s. Fletcher Bone, the son of Robert and Anne (Fletcher) Bone, immigrated to Maryland by 1830. He and his family settled near Cub Hill, in Baltimore County.

Francis Family - of Baltimore County. Samuel Francis was in Baltimore County by at least 1763, when his name appeared on an account of Jeremiah Johnson, the Deputy Sheriff. Between 1780 and 1790, Samuel Francis and his wife Ann recorded the births of three children in the register of St. James Episcopal Parish, in Monkton, MD, one of the oldest churches in Baltimore County.

Hanson Family - Nathaniel Hanson was born in Maryland about 1791. His parents have not yet been identified. Nathaniel was in Baltimore County by at least 1820. He lived in northern Baltimore County, near Marble Hill.

Long Family - Major Thomas Long was in Baltimore County in the 1670s. He married Jane, the widow of John Dixon. Major Long served in the State Legislature of Maryland. He had extensive land holdings, to include Ballestone.

Mead Family - Francis Mead was in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, by at least 1680 when he patented land in that county. His daughter Anne married Francis Board, the father of John Board who is mentioned in another section.

Peake Family - George Peake was in Calvert County by at least 1657. He married the widow Mary Parr. He died at a young age leaving a number of young children, one of whom was Joseph Peake. Joseph migrated to Baltimore County and married Jane, the daughter of Major Thomas and Jane Long. Joseph Peake was the grandfather of Jemima Henderson Board.

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