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Maryland Historical Links
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  1. Association Of Carroll's Sacred Trust - Dedicated to preserving Maryland's history, concentrating on the history of the Civil War.
  2. A Brief History of Butchers Hill - This small area of Baltimore city has a unique and fascinating history, which began when its development began in 1773. Take a virtual walking tour and find out more about its historical past.
  3. The Colonial History of Maryland - Essay on the founding of the state, stressing its previously unknown precepts of religious freedom for all Christian sects and public share in government, and its relatively friendly relations with the native inhabitants.
  4. Edgar Allen Poe Society of Baltimore - Although Richmond is the place Poe most considered home, Baltimore defines the beginning and the end of his life. Also links to Baltimore's Poe House and Museum and Poe's grave.
  5. History of Printing in Maryland - Maryland has a distinguished position in the annals of American typography. After Massachusetts, it was the second colony to establish and sustain a printing press. Included with the historical content are selections from the Marylandia Collection.
  6. Maryland - American Local History Network - A collection of information and links pertaining to the history of Maryland.
  7. The Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation and Historical Society - This is a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to collect and preserve the history of the Maryland and PA Railroad in personal recollections, photographs, documents, memorabilia and models.
  8. Maryland Historical Society - Established in 1844 as a private nonprofit institution to collect, preserve, and interpret the objects and artifacts that illuminate the state's history.
  9. Maryland Historical Trust - formed to assist in identifying, studying, evaluating, preserving, protecting, and interpreting the state's significant prehistoric and historic districts, sites, structures, cultural landscapes, heritage areas, cultural objects, and artifacts, as well as less tangible human and community traditions.
  10. Maryland Historical Trust Home Page - Identifying, studying, evaluating, preserving, protecting, and interpreting the state's significant prehistoric and historic districts, structures, cultural landscapes, heritage areas and artifacts.
  11. Maryland State Archives - Information about the state's government and history. On-line Maryland Manual and reference and research are available.
  12. Maryland's African-American Heritage - Biographies of famous African-American Marylanders and their quotations, a brief chronology of the African-American experience in the state, historical sites and resources.
  13. Middle Atlantic Archaological Design - Adena culture artifacts of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay regions.
  14. National Museum of Civil War Medicine - The center for the study and interpretation of the medical history of the War Between the States with collections, exhibits and medical artifacts, manuscripts, books and documents.
  15. Ocean City Life Saving Station - Site includes history of the station and a growing database collection of Worcester County Maryland Genealogy records on line.
  16. Preservation Maryland - Founded in 1931 as the Society for the Preservation of Maryland Antiquities, Preservation Maryland is the state's oldest historic preservation organization. It is a private, nonprofit, statewide membership organization.
  17. The Society of the Ark and the Dove - Organization for descendants of Lord Baltimore and of those who sailed aboard the Ark and the Dove to settle Maryland
  18. University of Maryland School of Medicine - Established in 1807, it is the fifth oldest medical school in the United States and the first to institute a residency training program.

from: www.dmoz.org

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