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Download our
Cascading Pedigree Chart
to get you started...

cascading pedigree chart

The Cascading Pedigree Chart is useful for beginning, as well as advanced, genealogy researchers.

The novice may well start with this chart, and little else. A pencil, maybe?

If you are just starting you family history - YOU NEED THIS CHART. Just start filling it in with what you already know - it will become an organizer and a guide for obtaining what you do not know.

#1 is YOU
#2 is your father
#3 is your mother
#4 is your father's father (your paternal grandfather)
#5 is your father's mother (your paternal grandmother)
#6 is your mother's father (your maternal grandfather)
#7 is your mother's mother (your maternal grandmother)
#8 is your paternal grandfather's father
#9 is your paternal grandfather's mother
-- and so on until you fill in as many ancestors as possible.

If you have more information than will fit on one chart, just start another chart, being sure to fill in the information at the top to identify where the charts "overlap."

Fortunately, the chart is readily available and is free (at least ours is). You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader file from our web site and print as many copies as you need. Feel free to share them with anyone.

CLICK HERE to download the Cascading Pedigree Chart

CLICK the Chart to Download a Printable Version

If you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software - CLICK HERE
md genealogy acrobat reader link

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